About Us

Today’s dentistry is not only about dental care- it’s also about lifestyle, beauty, and overall wellness. We are AGAPE esthetic dental clinic passionate to help you achieving your best smile. Created in 2003 by drg. Silvia Leony, Sp.KG with the sole intention to inspire and educate people to integrate dental wellness and esthetic in their lives. We deal not only with teeth, but more importantly, you as an individual. At AGAPE esthetic dental clinic, we listen to our patients. We understand that all our patients are different because everyone’s teeth are never the same. Moreover, everyone has been through different dental care in the past. Our dentists spend extensive time in continual education, upgrading their dental knowledge and skills with the current technology and research . We commit to provide the highest quality of dental care for our patients and ensure that every patient is satisfied with their smiles because smiles say so much about us.

Our Dentist


  • Drg. Silvia Leony, Sp.KG

    Drg. Silvia Leony, Sp.KG

    drg. Silvia Leony graduated from Trisakti University in 1998. With a passion for pursuing more advanced dental knowledge and technique,…

  • Drg. Rendy Sumali, Sp.Perio

    Drg. Rendy Sumali, Sp.Perio

    Graduated from Trisakti faculty of dentistry at 2007. Having interested at dental surgery, i took minor dental surgery course at RSUP…